Academics plays perhaps the most important role in the life of an undergraduate Delt at Zeta Delta. It is after all the reason you are in school.

Because of this, Delta Tau Delta has created programs and scholarships to do everything that we can to help our undergraduates succeed in school. We have strict grade requirements as well as mandatory study hours for our members. 

This along with local and national scholarships allows our members every opportunity to be successful in their studies.

We also offer a Mentor program for members that need help, pairing an older member with a newer that have the same or similar classes.

We believe that Academic success is imperative to all Delts as we go through college and become men.

Academic Chair: Sean Cotter

Some of the Scholarships available to Delts:

File Scholarship & Award for Undergraduate Excellence
Named after Kenneth File, former Vice President for the Fraternity and current President of the Foundation. Established in 1996 to recognize individual efforts of excellence as well as superior academic achievement. Scholarship awarded annually at Division Conferences.

Gustafson/Johns Scholarship
Established in 1996 to recognize the services of Kevin Johns and Ned Gustafson to the Fraternity. Scholarship awarded to Delts annually to recognize chapter leadership in addition to campus and civic involvement.